Monday, May 4, 2009

What is a Johnny Cake?

I heard of televison shows being a bad influence on kids but come on I am gonna be 35 next month and I always resisted peer pressure. When the Soprano's were still producing new episodes there was an episode where Joseph Gannascoli, whom played gay mobster Vito Spatafore met a short order cook at a New England Dinner where he ordered Johnny Cakes from the charactor Jim “Johnny Cakes” Witowski . I always wondered what a Johnny Cake was from that moment on till tonite where I made one from a recipe I got.
Basically, the Johnny or "Journey" cake is made from cornmeal and depending on how its made can be similer in texture and taste to regular cornbread or made into pancakes made with corn instead of the usually wheat flour. In Jamiaca it is made like small rolls or bisquits. The recipe I made was more like a cornbread and tasted delicious. I found the recipe in "The New Glorious American Food A Collection of Classic And Quintaessentlu American Fare" by Christopher Idone. Im sure copies of the book can be found online.
What other tv shows will inspire me to cook gluten free? Scooby snacks, anyone?

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