Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Product of The Day

This past Monday evening after work I decided to go to our local natural food market called Wild By Nature. This store located in Oceanside NY is King Kullen's version of Whole Foods AKA Whole Paycheck. I really enjoy going to this store because compared to whole foods the prices are more reasonable and even cheaper in some items then other surronding supermarkets. It is about the same size as whole foods but I believe have much more gluten free products.
Any way while I was there I came across a new brand of gluten free baking mixes by a company called Simply Organic. I bought there Coco Cayenne Cupcake Mix and their Honey Pot Ginger Cookie Mix. Well the past two days I kept thinking about the Coco Cayenne Cupcakes so I decided to make it for desert today. I was a bit skeptical that the Cayenne pepper would make it to spicey so after I made the batter I licked the mixer attachment like I normally do and it was hot. So then I got scared that maybe I would not like these. So after I iced them with Betty Crooker Vanilla Icing (I do wish i had organic icing to go with this 100 percent organic and fair trade product) I tasted one. It was pure delight. You couldn't feel the heat until after I finished eating eat but then washed it down with some milk. Pure delicious. I made ten cupcakes with the mix and it only required some water, 2 large eggs, and a table spoon of butter which is much less then other mixes require. You must trully check them out at your local market or online at

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Food Revolution

There has been lots of discussion lately of this "Food Revolution" that many people think is led by Jaimie Oliver. His show on ABC was wonderful by the way. People should need to see this show in addition to the Fast Food Nation and Food Inc.
What does the food revolution mean? It means clean simple eating. What is good for you is often just as good for the environment. It means staying away from processed foods that containing many different additives and preservatives. A good example of this is "If your grandparants wouldn't recognize a product as a food then don't eat it." Do not go to the local supermarket to buy a tv dinner that is full of ingrediants that a chemistry major wouldnt even recognize. Being gluten free we have to look at ingrediants in products all the time but next time we go grocery shopping and we pick up a cereal that doesnt have gluten but has things in it that a five year old child would not be able to say then put the product down no matter how cheap or good the product tastes.
Here is where it helps the environment. You need to shop local. I do that by going to farmer's markets, farm stands, and natural food stores that sell locally grown produce, meats and poulty. The food tastes so much better and there is less of a carbon foot print.
People need to eat out less and cook from scratch more often. Instead of buying products laced with chemicals and preservatives make it your self and you will save money and feel better at the same time. In this vein instead of buying chinese "take out" hot mustard make it your self like I did last night for dinner.

Chinese "Take Out" Hot Mustard *
1 Tablespoon Hot Mustard Powder
1 Tablespoon Water
Take both ingredients and mix in a small bowl.
Let sit for 1 hour.
Refrigerate for up to 30 days.
Makes 1 serving for one person.