Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shoppers Haven is Gluten Free Paradise During Passover!

On Sunday I went to the St Patricks Day Parade in Pearl River NY with my wife, family and friends. It was a gorgeous spring day. After the parade we deciding to go to nearby Monsey to the Shoppers Haven Shopping Center. In there there is a place called Rockland Kosher Supermarket.
I have realized in years past how Passover is a great time to be a Celiac but this store was amazing. I spent over dollars one different gluten free Kosher for Passover products. I bought coating mixes, potatoe starch, small bags of chips and potato sticks, and other things I cannot remeber this morning.
So for the best product I have eaten is made by Noam Gourmat. They make the best gluten free Pizza Bagels. I even dare to say it is just as good as Joans Gluten Free Bagels. This product actually tastes like any normal pizza bagel you would find in a freezer section of a store. I wish they would make this product all year long. They dont have a website but you must have to look in stores for this "good eats".

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