Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dog Is Gluten Free!

No I am not talking about Dog The Bounty Hunter which is a favorite show of my wife and I. I am talking about the furry, loveable, flea bitten, man's best friend variety. I know you are thinking it is gross and I am a hundred percent in agreement with you. I was up last night at 1AM and not being able to fall asleep I started to flip the channels and caught a program on National Geographic Channel called Taboo. This episode was about foods that were taboo in some cultures and eaten in other countries. Guess what dog was one of them. They had a market in Hanoi, Vietnam where they had all the dog bodies like any butcher would have meat. It was sick I tell you. They also had people eating snake in resturants and people who make snake wine. The last topic was about this puffer fish which i forgot what it is called thats common in Japan but you can die from its deadly toxins.

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