Saturday, October 24, 2009

Its Been A Long Time....

Just wanted to say its been quite a while since I last posted. I went to Disney World in September and they where very good with dealing with my gluten intolerence. The first night we went to the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at the Polyneasion Hotel which is where we stayed. The food was humogous. I had gluten free dinner rolls which tasted amazing. Barbaqued ribs , Hawian style, grilled chicken, salad and white rice. Since I couldnt have any of the volcano cake they made me a fruit salad. Every place I went I got to talk to the chef and they would make me something from scratch warm and tasty. I had a delicious double bacon cheeseburger on a gluten free hamburger roll with fries and gluten free cookies at Peco Bills at The Majic Kingdom. I had Amy's Gluten free peperoni piza at Disney Studios. So many good meals I cant mention at this time.

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Happy Hermit said...

Apparently the asian community make buckwheat noodles often , personally I think the texture was fine , I made the handmade noodles from Moxies tutorial (1 C buckwheat flour , 2 eggs ) I added a palmfull of water to help the mix stick a bit more. Then I worked it over until i could make a thin sheet , you then cut them to the size you like. I think the texture really depends on how thin or wide you cut the noodles , the larger noodles were chewy like dumplings , the smaller ones blended in with the sauce so well I didn't even notice them. They did not have the bitterness that I had experienced with other gluten-free noodles. But that is just me , I am sure if you ran the buckwheat through a grinder or blender or food process a few more times (before you use it) it would reduce the rough graininess.

(moxie's link is in my post)